Hamilton – Lipz SPF30+ Lipbalm

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Hamilton – Lipz SPF30+ Lipbalm

Description: Lipz Strawberry Stick contains Aloe Vera, Vitamins C & E and Jojoba to help soothe & protect lips. It is a SPF 30+ Broad Spectrum Very High Protection Sunscreen with 2 hours water resistance. Lipz Strawberry Stick is free of PABA, Oxybenzone and Padimate O.

Price: $3.45 AUS
Availability: Pharmacies
Overall Star Rating:

Great to use an Australian product that is not only free of the nasties but also is formulated with the Australian climate in mind. The SPF30+ is most definitely appreciated as is the water resistant qualities of it. This lip balm was fantastic to use. Very moisturising on the lips with a gentle fragrance. Make sure you not only use it on yourselves but the kids as well. Anytime we step outside we should use an SPF 30+ and this is great to protect the lips.


This lip balm came in a nice packaging and easy to access. It is easy to put on with a nice smell and stayed on all day/night. I had the vanilla one and it had a nice smell and not overpowering or sickly sweet. My lips were nice and soft by using the balm.

Personal Rating: 4 Stars


It seemed like the same type of lip balms I have used heaps of times. It was easy to apply, easy to use. The texture felt a little grainy, the smell was pleasant. My lips feel less dry in this awful winter ‘dry’ weather.

If it was on a counter display somewhere I would purchase it but I wouldn”t go out of my way to search for it in a store.
Personal Rating: 3 Stars


I was glad to be trying an Australian product which is free of PABA and oxybenzone. The lip balm goes on really smoothly, with a slight tingling sensation. The moisturising effects seemed to last for a long time, and it works well under lipstick or other glosses. The texture is great, not too hard and waxy. It smells a bit waxy though, with a vanilla scent. My lips felt soft and in good condition after using this product.
Personal Rating: 4 Stars


Standard, acceptable packaging: not attractive or cute, but presentable. Very, very light peach scent – I had to sniff quite hard to detect it. The lip balm is quite solid in texture – it doesn’t glide across the lips easily during application. I had to drag the stick across the lips slightly to get the balm onto my lips. But compared to other lip balms with high sun protection which I have used in the past, the application is smooth in relative terms. Once on the lips, the balm is easy to wear – lightweight but moisturizing, not sticky nor heavy.

The balm also has good lasting power – it stayed on my lips for a long time. The balm gives the lips a very subtle and very light sheen. On the lips, the texture is good, moisturizing, light, not sticky. It felt very comfortable on my wintery, chapped lips. It’s good for wintery lips and given the 2 hour water-resistant SPF 30+ sun protection, it would be great for summer too. 4 Stars Comfortable to wear and good staying power. With high level sun protection – water resistance a big bonus.
Personal Rating: 4 Stars


Cute everyday lipgloss, would be good for summer because of the spf 30. Application is the traditional solid stick style, straight onto the lips from the tube, great no messy fingers needed. The product was strawberry flavoured but had a slightly funky scent which didn’t seem very strawberry like. It did seem to dry my lips out a little bit after using it for several days consistently. Texture was great, nice and smooth not greasy or sticky.
Personal Rating: 2 Stars


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